INP Media has brought together a team of highly-talented directors, producers, animators and 3D motion designers, all working together to create engaging, innovative and stunning video content.
Our speciality is creative, insightful and emotive storytelling that explains and inspires through moving images.
Whether it’s 2D or 3D visuals or computer-generated imagery (CGI) we find ways of bringing your projects to life to tell your story while reinforcing your brand. Every project is different and every client has varying needs but we bring our creative and artistic talents to the party to nurture each animation challenge from conception to fruition.

INP Media have been working with us as content partners from the very beginning and continue to produce highly effective films and animations for our wide range of needs including online, corporate, conferences and events. I continue to be impressed by their high levels of creativity, customer service and cost effective solutions and would highly recommend them.

Matthew Bowden
Creative Director, Vitality