How do you create high-quality virtual events that allow all those people who can’t attend in person to experience and interact with your activities and content? INP Media films and streams live events, conferences, product launches and training sessions, employing remote virtual production and socially distanced filming. What it means is that you can reach local, national and international audiences safely and effectively.
And that dramatic and compelling virtual live event is just the start: After the live stream we share the highlights and key moments to your website or social media followers – so your virtual streaming event keeps on giving.

INP have been Laureus’ trusted production partner for more than 8 years, offering consistently reliable – and creative – production solutions in the UK and around the world, across a wide range of shoots and productions. The INP team’s friendly approach is matched only by their efficiency and attention to detail, making them our first-stop for production support.

Matt Dearden
Head of Broadcast, Laureus World Sports Awards